Robert Johnson & 6th Street Sales-Whol & Retail

On the internet, it’s pretty common to see trolls. What makes things fun, is when the troll, gets trolled. This was the case for Robert Johnson’s comments on a review for 6th Street Sales in Daytona Beach, Florida. Apparently, his family owns the store, and this is how he thought a negative review should be handled.

6th Street Sales & Robert Johnson

At this point, other Facebook users chimed in and started giving Robert Johnson a piece of their mind. We’re assuming this brought enough attention, that his parents saw what he said. His insightful comment was removed, along with the conversation above – so, we didn’t have a chance to screenshot the rest or get the link to Robert Johnson’s Facebook page. But, hey, what’s there is still good for a laugh! It’s not often you see a response to a review that starts off with “Then eat shit bitch”.

Raymond Rennison of Alta Loma, California

Raymond Rennison of Alta Loma, California – a Giant Asshat?

Raymond Rennison Alta Loma, CA 91701

When it comes to giant douchebags, Raymond Rennison may just take the cake. This ass hat ordered the following auction on eBay from one of our associates.

ebay auction

ebay auction

Notice the large amount of photos available on this auction, including:

sticker peel

sticker peel

And, most importantly, the nice short description:

Item is new in box; however, the box has some damage/shelf-ware and upon inspection, it appears the stickers are coming loose from the toy and would need to be re-glued. Please see photos for box condition.

Item is new in box; however, the box has some damage/shelf-ware and upon inspection, it appears the stickers are coming loose from the toy and would need to be re-glued. Please see photos for box condition.

Apparently, Raymond missed all of that, and was shocked when he received exactly what he bid on. So what did Raymond Rennison do? Did he contact the seller and say, “Hey, I was an idiot, didn’t read the description, and would really like to return this thing. My bad. Can I?” Nope, not Ray Nope, this giant asshole files a claim. Gets the money yanked right out of our seller’s PayPal account. And what does this idiot’s claim say?

His claim stated that the item was “so old” the sticker was coming off, that duck stickers were coming off, and the box had damage. You know, just like the ad states and PHOTOS show..

Yes, you’re reading that right. He is pissed off that he got exactly what he ordered. So, congratulations Raymond Rennison of Alta Loma, California. You’re our giant asshat idiot of the day.

Now, if you know Idiot and a Half, you know we like to make sure people know how what our opinion of them is. So, we emailed Raymond. It was this nice, short, simple message:

Subject: This is all about you. Looks like you bought an item on ebay recently. Here’s your story!

Well, Raymond didn’t like it too much. I would think a whole post dedicated to someone would cheer them up, maybe not. Here’s what he had to say about it, then we’ll tear it apart. Sounds like fun!

I have contacted PayPal and Ebay and my lawyer about this email..You should get your facts first before you slander someone. First of all I didn’t buy this item from Ebay, I bought it on In that ad, which I still have, there is no mention of the toy having any was advertised as new. I have bought many items on ebay which have come to me unusable and sometimes not as described which I accept for buying a used product. Purchasing on as new is another story. There are none of the pictures of the toy in bad shape or any disclaimers of such ad which is why I bought it. I intend to take action on this slanderous act. My lawyer says none of your facts are true in the purchase and I have definite proof of that I guarantee you…I recommend an immediate cease of this slanderous link. Do not send any further emails directly to me. I am forwarding this email to my lawyer and paypal as well.

Ray, Ray, Ray… Here’s a few things you may not have thought about yourself.

  1. It’s sad when someone uses the internet, and has no idea what site they are on. I have to wonder how often Raymond is tricked by fishing emails and fake websites.
  2. There is a big difference between slander and libel. Being he claimed he talked to his lawyer, I would have thought he would have known that. Maybe he needs a new layer?
  3. On that note, name calling isn’t a crime – yet. And, considering this post has screenshots proving each point it makes, that makes nothing about the story in this post untrue. So, where is the libel?
  4. Lastly, why contact PayPal and eBay if he is going to claim this is an Amazon purchase? La-la-la dream world!

So, we took the post down for a day or so, and emailed Raymond back.

If what you are stating is true, we would be more than happy to pull the post and ream the person who told us about it a new one. Can you send the link to the listing on Amazon, where no damage is listed?

We have yet to see a link. We doubt we will. We’ll send Ray one more email after this one, then leave it be (wouldn’t want to be harassing him). Stay tuned!

And, just in case someone really doesn’t know what eBay looks like – like Ray – we have found the auction and done a full page screenshot.

eBay Auction

eBay Auction

Tom in Varina

Tom is Parting Out a 1985 Pace Arrow – Another Craigslist Asshole

Today’s Craigslist asshole moment is brought to you by Tom, who was selling his used RV parts from his 1985 Pace Arrow, but wasn’t very good at it.

What Did Tom Do?

Some people must just hate email. Makes us wonder why they even bother trying to sell items through an online venue, but they seem to think using the internet to perform business like it’s 1980 is fine. Then they turn in to an asshole.

One of our associates contacted Tom to inquire about (more…)

Justin Bieber: Multiple arrests, still here. Hispanics: Work hard, expected to “Go back to Mexico”

Justin Bieber Still Here, Hispanics Sent Home

Justin Bieber: Multiple arrests, still here. Hispanics: Work hard, expected to “Go back to Mexico”

Cannot afford Obamacare

Obamacare. Screw the Poor. They don’t need Help.

Obamacare. You’re not getting healthcare. And You’re not getting health care. And you, you aren’t getting health care…
Make less than about $11,000?
No Obama Care for you!

Man Lowers Dog From Balcony. Oh nos!

Thanks to NBC News, we have an incredible story about a man lowering his dog down to the ground to take a shit. Ingenious, I wish we would have thought of it. A harness holds the dog snugly in place, and you don’t have to go out in the cold. A perfect solution.

It reminds me of when Michael Jackson hung his baby over the balcony – was that so it could go out and shit? Funny enough, the comments on the dog news story are full of animal lovers wishing bodily harm on the man. Comments are made about how he should be hung from his “nuts”, beaten, and various other hateful comments. You know, because beating a person is ok. Holding your baby over a balcony is mostly ok. But lowering your dog down with a rope isn’t.

Fuck you America.

Idiot Drivers

You Can’t Drive. Get Off the Road!

Here at Idiot and a Half, we’ll rant about anything. Because it’s fun. We’re covering our top driving annoyances. Hopefully, some of the people we are talking about will read this, and stop being a moron. (more…)

Melvin T. Morgan Roofing Truck - A horrible driver

Melvin T. Morgan Roofing & Sheet Metal in Richmond, Virginia, Gigantic Idiot Driver

Just when we think drivers can’t get any worse and people can not be any more idiotic, along comes Melvin T. Morgan Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. Inc. – hailing from Richmond, Virginia.

The picture doesn’t quite do our story justice, but it still helps us tell the first part of our story, and comment on the offensive nature of the driver of this Melvin T. Morgan truck. You see, we were driving along, minding our own business in the right lane, when this fellow comes flying along in the middle lane, to our left. He sharply cuts his wheel, cutting us off and damn near taking off the front end of our car. You see, it seems being a car length or two ahead of everyone else is very important to Melvin T. Morgan Roofing and worth almost causing an accident over.

But wait, there’s more! Notice the stickers at the top left and bottom right of the Melvin T. Morgan Roofing truck’s tailgate. Yes, one of the bumper stickers we find to be very offensive. “Real men love Jesus”. In case you aren’t aware, that means “If you don’t believe what I do, you are not a real man.” The statement of their religious belief that they are better than us is so important, its on their not once, but twice! That way, you are doubly sure to see how pompous the folks at Melvin T Moran Roofing are – you know, when they cut you off.

Oh, but it gets better! We got on the highway, right behind the Melvin T. Morgan roofing truck, and with no more glare on the window saw the driver was happily chatting away on his cell. Yes, that’s right. Talking on his cell phone is more important than paying attention to his driving. He was paying so little attention, that when we drove up next to him and stayed there, every few seconds giving him “a look”, that it took a couple miles for him to even notice.

And there’s still more! When he finally did look over, I pointed at him, and flipped him off. Fun stuff! Now, we all no Jesus says to turn the other cheek, be forgiving, and all those other great trates that any real man practices – you know, the ones that love Jesus. So, what did the driver of the Melvin T. Morgan Roofing truck do? Did he show what a real man he was? Nope. He flipped us off back. Apparently, real men who love Jesus at Melvin T. Morgan Roofing forgot a few steps.

At that point, we chuckled at the … no word comes to mind here … idiotic? hypocrisy? audacity? Well, we chuckled at whatever it was, sped up, and went about our merry way.

So, hat’s off to you driver of the Melvin T. Morgan Roofing truck. You are our king of horrible driving, offensiveness, and hypocrisy for the day.

Dave Hines of Benson, NC

Dave Hines
BENSON, North Carolina27504-1445

We have a theory. The further south you go, the dumber people get. Dave Hines is in North Carolina. That’s getting pretty dumb.
One of our Amazon seller buddies got to see what a dick wad Dave Hines really is. They told us the story, and we took mental notes so we could sneak this post on the interwebz. Here’s what happened.Dear old Dave bought himself a DVD and bobble head boxed set. Factory sealed and in awesome condition. Of course, since everyone opens their collectibles… (more…)

Why Should a Cashier Know Math?

Oh yes, cashiers. They handle your money, give you your change, and often can’t add or subtract above the level of an idiot.

A recent Target visit showed just how great some cashier’s math skills are. The grand total of cash needed by this pinnacle of society was $13.37. We handed them $13.52. You know, so we wouldn’t get pennies back. Just a dime and a nickel. Basic math.

But wait! Our cashiering genius saw us digging for change, expected exact change, and that’s what they entered in to their magic think for me box. When they saw what we handed them, they gave a couple blinks, looking at the change like it was some alien life form. Then, turning their head, they asked – sounding somewhat confused –  “Do you have a dime?”

This gave me a bit of a inner chuckle, but I simply replied no. My cohort, who was not aware of my change selection, then asked if tow nickels would work. You would expect a simple “Yes”, but no. This also required a second or two of thought before a “Yes” was finally uttered, and the transaction was concluded in this cashier’s eyes.

Yes, America, this is what you are becoming. Idiocracy had it right, they just missed the slovenly 500 lb “disabled” aspect. Good job robots.