Free Firewood!? Nobody Wants Your Friggin Tree

I don’t care if they call it Free Firewood, Free Wood, or anything else “Free”. What is with the idiots all over Craigslist posting “Free firewood” and expecting someone to come clear trees off their land for free?! Well, we’re tired of it cluttering up our free stuff section! Here at idiot and a half, we love a good argument, so lets get started!

Free Firewood Idiot #1

This joker had a tree fall in his yard. Not only did he offer “free wood”, he also put a time limit on it – act now! So, we emailed him 🙂

His ad:

Our Email:

You know you can’t burn pine in a fireplace, right? And… it’s wet, sappy, and frozen. So, with that said, why don’t you clean up your own tree? Are you aware that every lazy, cheap person in the area is posting “free wood” wanting someone else to come clean up their mess for them? Get a clue, put on your big boy pants, go outside, and cut up your own tree.

Oh, and giving a time limit? Really? Maybe if you put up better pictures, some tree collector would want it. Oh, wait, you did. You spent forever and a day taking pictures, with a tape measure involved. I bet you could have cut enough up to get your dumb ass out of your driveway and on your way to McDonalds in the same amount of time.

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