They’re really gonna get away with that?!

Let’s go ahead and state for the record I am not am person who hates kids. Just the ones that are ill disciplined.


Now on to the post. Tonight I had the pleasure of going out to the movies and seeing “Oz, the Great and Powerful.” Which was quite enjoyable after I had switched seats from my original locale to somewhere far away from the family that had decided to sit behind me. My reason for having to move my seat is simply put: obnoxious, disrespectful, children.

Someone taught these children what a narwhal was, and they decided it was about the funniest damned thing they ever heard. So what do they do? They spend their entire time in the theater saying the bloody word and giggling about it over the whole bloody movie. Disturbing those around them and their parents greatly. By the end of the film the family was isolated by themselves.

This problem could have easily been remedied by the father, had he a bloody spine of his own to discipline his children. At at least two points during the movie I heard the father asking his son to be quiet, and stop saying Narwhal. To which the child would reply “Nobody cares what you have to say, DAD!” or “Shut up yourself” And the father just sat there, after that. Like he was ignoring his child and trying very hard to enjoy the movie.  And the kids kept being loud and obnoxious about narwhals.

And I thought to myself Fucking Really?!

Now I know for a fact had I talked to my father like that he would have slapped the shit out of me for everyone to see, probably dragged me out of the theater and then whooped my ass. I was taught at a young age to respect my parents, do as they say, don’t talk back, Ect… And this is a problem I don’t just see at the movies. Oh no. It seems now-a-days no one seems to want to control their children. At grocery stores I see kids acting up, throwing tantrums, disrespecting adults and the store staff/products. Generally just being little shits! Why the hell is it that people stopped teaching their kids respect discipline?! Hell, my worst fear as a child was acting up, because I knew from past experience, if I was a little shit, bad shit would happen. Anyway…


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