Why Should a Cashier Know Math?

Oh yes, cashiers. They handle your money, give you your change, and often can’t add or subtract above the level of an idiot.

A recent Target visit showed just how great some cashier’s math skills are. The grand total of cash needed by this pinnacle of society was $13.37. We handed them $13.52. You know, so we wouldn’t get pennies back. Just a dime and a nickel. Basic math.

But wait! Our cashiering genius saw us digging for change, expected exact change, and that’s what they entered in to their magic think for me box. When they saw what we handed them, they gave a couple blinks, looking at the change like it was some alien life form. Then, turning their head, they asked – sounding somewhat confused –  “Do you have a dime?”

This gave me a bit of a inner chuckle, but I simply replied no. My cohort, who was not aware of my change selection, then asked if tow nickels would work. You would expect a simple “Yes”, but no. This also required a second or two of thought before a “Yes” was finally uttered, and the transaction was concluded in this cashier’s eyes.

Yes, America, this is what you are becoming. Idiocracy had it right, they just missed the slovenly 500 lb “disabled” aspect. Good job robots.

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