World’s Biggest Idiot, Available on Craigslist

One of the guys over at Income Superstar decided to see if he could make a few bucks on Craigslist selling off his damaged and excess stock. If it worked, it would make a great post. If not, at least he got rid of a few things and met some cool people. Then he encountered the bottom of the barrel of the human race.

The item was a partial – collectible – train set for $30. It started off as a normal negotiation between this idiot and Mr “Daryl” (I know, right) in Ashland. When it started to be ridiculous Idiot and a Half (IAAH) joined the fun.

Daryl : Would you take 20.00? Thanks in advance

IAAH : Hello, I would do $25. Thanks

Daryl : I can do 25.00, can you meet in Richmond?

Side-note – Okay. So the guy wanted a discount for $5, and he wanted our guy to spend about $5 in gas and tolls. The train cost our guy $15, making the profit at that point a whopping $5 – less with time involved.

IAAH: I am off Midlothian, near Johnston Willis. I can meet you near there. Thanks

Daryl: I am in Ashland, and was hoping to meet a little closer.

Side-note, again. If he’s that far away, WTF is he doing trying to buy things like this from people so far away? No matter. Our guy was done with him at this point.

Daryl (second email): Are you willing to come a little north?

IAAH: So… You talk me down in price *and* want me to drive out of my way to bring you the train? Not trying to be rude, really I’m not. But, no.

Daryl: You want me to expend my time and gas without compromising for a toy for my grandson that I do not know if it works. I can buy a new set for a little more. Good luck selling it

Daryl (second email): jackass

Side-note: Woh! Wait a minute, what?! So the guy wants a deal, wants the item brought closer to him, and when he doesn’t get what he wants becomes belligerent? What a great example for his grandson he must be. Bet that’s a proud family there.

IAAH: You want me to expend my gas and/or toll money to bring you something that I offered to drop my price on? And I love your second email. Nice choice of words. You must be a real high class citizen.

Daryl: So high class, I have to sell a child’s toy. Oh wait I was a buyer. I didn’t ask you to deliver I asked you to come a little north, you got sore because you have to roll out of bed. So the term fits Jackass

Side-note: Wow… Let’s keep antagonizing, shall we? Hey, it’s what we do. Plus, we were a little annoyed at this point; it shows.

IAAH: Look, you dumb SOB. I do this as one of my jobs. I paid money for the train set, I have to make a profit. You, on the other hand, are just a cheap old fart that wants to save as much money as you can. If I have to spend $5+ dollars in gas and tolls – which it costs me to drive to Richmond – then I am at the point of losing money on this item.

Now, I have 3 jobs. This one, one I make $75 an hour, and one I average about $12 an hour. If you wanted to pay me $50 to meet you ½ way, I’d would have been more than happy to. But asking for a discount *and* wanting me to meet you?! You’re a moron. It’s Craig’s List. You meet people near their home or at it. Get a frigging clue.  I’ll tell you what. Call Walmart, or Target, or any other store and ask them to meet you part way because your too much of a whiney old fart to get in your car and drive somewhere. Try, try it right now. Call Walmart, and buy some other train set. Because I wouldn’t sell you mine for $100 at this point. This is the last I want to hear from you, you are a worthless bitter old man, and I am done toying with you.

Daryl: If you thought you were toying with me, it shows me you are a simpleton. Then to say this is one of your jobs convinces me you are a simpleton. I guess when the law was changed so people could not beg at intersections ,you went to craigslist. Don’t bother me any longer idiot!

Side-note: What?! Really?! Homeless?! Where is this coming from. This dude has to be drunk!

IAAH: Really? I work 3 jobs and you have the audacity to compare me to a homeless beggar? You’re quite possibly the dumbest person I have ever encountered and the only reason I’m messaging you again because you told me not to.

Side-note: “because you told me not to” Yeap. That’s how we roll.

Daryl: If you had an education you would not be sitting home selling toys for a couple of dollars. Again it has to be because you cannot beg anymore on street corners. I therefore am roflmao@you

Side-note: Yea… Still not homeless, and not sure where that came from… And yes, educated people do not run their own business. They live in Ashland and insult over the internet.

IAAH: No, I sell the items I cannot flip for a decent profit on Craigslist. The real items are sold for much higher profits. You also seem to have missed the part where I have another job where I make $75 an hour. Notice there is no decimal point there.

You are quite slow at responding. and not loading fast enough for you? I can set you up with a blog for only a few hundred bucks. Then you can piss and moan about mean people not doing exactly what you want, so you start name calling and insulting dumb like a 12 year old brat all you want.

Side-note: We can set ANYONE up for a blog for a great price. Just contact us, our guy over at Income Superstar, or the company that made this site for us!

Daryl: LOL, 75.00 an hour but toys for 30.00 on Craigslist. You must be delusional and think people will believe whatever you type. I bet you troll the internet telling little girls what a handsome, and wealthy man you are. Your calling is actually comedy, I am dying laughing at you.

Side-note: Okay… So now we are a poor, homeless beggar that is also a child molester? Where does this guy come up with this stuff? Apparently he has no idea what a web developer, especially a freelancer, gets paid an hour.

Okay, one last email. Just because we can’t leave this alone.

IAAH: I am delusional? You have been making up your own fairytale this whole time about my homeless, beggar, idiotic, uneducated life. Your dreamland sounds like a very unhappy place. I pity you.

 Yes. $75 an hour. That’s standard freelance pay for a web developer. Had you done a Google search, you would already know that is what I am. Note my rates: Instead, you seem to be in this to try to make me angry. You lose, not happening.

 This should make you happy, though. You are now forever immortalized on the internet. Too bad it is not in a good way, but I’m sure you’re fine with that.

That’s you. Why don’t you give us a little more info. Last name maybe? Email address that isn’t masked by Craigslist? Or would that remove too much anonymity for you.

 Feel free to email back more of your whimsical banter. I am quite enjoying it.

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