Dave Hines of Benson, NC

Dave Hines
BENSON, North Carolina27504-1445

We have a theory. The further south you go, the dumber people get. Dave Hines is in North Carolina. That’s getting pretty dumb.
One of our Amazon seller buddies got to see what a dick wad Dave Hines really is. They told us the story, and we took mental notes so we could sneak this post on the interwebz. Here’s what happened.Dear old Dave bought himself a DVD and bobble head boxed set. Factory sealed and in awesome condition. Of course, since everyone opens their collectibles… And buys the big, elaborate set because they “really only care about the DVD”, he opened it to watch his DVD. A few days later, our seller buddy got a contact from Douchebag Dave stating the DVD was chipped and the bobble head had some paint missing.Being our seller buddy goes for the whole 100% customer satisfaction thing (we would have told him to go fuck himself), they offered up several solutions, including returning the item and getting a full refund. Dear ol’ Douchebag Dave selected the option of having a partial refund, enough to cover the purchase and shipping costs of a new DVD from Amazon.Yay! Everything is settled and the buyer is happy! Wrong. Not in the Dave Hines residence (that’s at 606 E Morris Ave Benson, NC 27504-1445, in case you’re curious – yea, we have sleuthing skills). This jack ass actually went and opened an A-Z claim on our seller. Not only did he open the claim, he also upped his alleged damage to the items being “broken parts with”. We think they must stop educating at the 4th grade in Benson North Carolina…If you’re not familiar with Amazon, an A-Z Claim is basically a claim saying the seller ripped you off and won’t work with you. This is bad stuff and is only supposed to happen when you really mess up. But, some people like Douchebag Dave decide they want to rip off small business and individuals, and get all their crap for free.

Well, fuck you Dave Hines.

If you know Dave, you should tell him fuck you too.

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