Idiot Drivers

You Can’t Drive. Get Off the Road!

Here at Idiot and a Half, we’ll rant about anything. Because it’s fun. We’re covering our top driving annoyances. Hopefully, some of the people we are talking about will read this, and stop being a moron.

Hang Up Your Damn Phone and Drive

Look lady, what hair “did” Raquanda is getting should not be your major concern right now. You just pulled out in front of me, changed lanes and almost took out an old lady, ran a red light, and are fluctuating between 20 and 40 in a 55 zone. Get off the damn phone and pay attention to the road!

Me first, must be first go drive

Are you ever approaching a red light, have the wonderful view of the lane being completely empty ahead of you, just to have some jackass in line in another lane jump over in front of you? Yeap, they have to be first so bad, they say “fuck everyone else, I’m more important”.

You know what comes next. They start pulling away at a rate slower than the acceleration of a drunk cat in a wheelchair. All the people they were behind are long gone, and you’re stuck behind them putting along, now doing 10mph under the speed limit.

Makes me wish I drove a tank.

Please Rear End Me?

You know it, you’ve seen it. You’re approaching a green light and you can see that look of confusion in the face of the driver wanting to turn right in to your lane. They have that wondrous, dazed look of idiocy that only a moron can have. It simply means “if I pull out in front of this car, will I make it?” Yes, you would have. But now you have been thinking about it for almost a minute. When you pull out anyways, I have to lock up my breaks to keep from slamming in to you, and you get pissed at me for “flying up on your back end”. WTF?!

What drivers piss you off the most?

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