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Tom is Parting Out a 1985 Pace Arrow – Another Craigslist Asshole

Today’s Craigslist asshole moment is brought to you by Tom, who was selling his used RV parts from his 1985 Pace Arrow, but wasn’t very good at it.

What Did Tom Do?

Some people must just hate email. Makes us wonder why they even bother trying to sell items through an online venue, but they seem to think using the internet to perform business like it’s 1980 is fine. Then they turn in to an asshole.

One of our associates contacted Tom to inquire about some of the parts on the RV Tom was parting out. Nothing special, only some parts seen in the photos and some parts which are standard on every RV. Nice, simple list:


We are potentially interested in several parts, depending on price. Below is
a list of the main items we are looking for, please let me know what we
would be looking at.

1) The breaker/fuse panel/charge system

2) Freshwater tank, depending on number of gallons

3) Fresh water pump

4) Possibly a roof vent

5) Window awnings, if not torn up

6) Kitchen faucet and sprayer (if available)

7) House battery(ies), if still usable

We may be interested in other parts as well, depending on price ranges and
what is available.


This is where normal people, those that are not assholes, would respond back with “Great! I am glad you want so many parts! Here are the prices!” But not Tom, who thinks it’s 1980. Nope, Tom gave our guy this response (just wait, it gets better!):

You would have to come and look at it to see what you need. I have taken very little off of it so you might find the things you need.



Come and look at it to see what they need? What? They just… list… parts… What? Ok, response.

I provided a list of the items I am interested in. How much for the items I listed…?

There, maybe Tom just didn’t see the list. You know, read everything in a hurry or something, didn’t know they wanted prices. Now, surely, Tom will send over some pricing – you know, because he is trying to sell something.



There are too many variables in your list to give you a definite price. I’ll
give you an example, the Freshwater tank, depending on number of gallons and
fresh water pump, I want $100 for both of them. You will need to come and
take a look to see what might work for you and I will give you a good price
on whatever you need.


Hmm… New freshwater pump – $30
New Freshwater tank, around $150.
Not a great price, but could be doable. Wait. No more pricing? Too many variables? They sent a effin list already?! Variables are things that change, a list of specific items contain no variables. Tom must be really thick, or really lonely and in need of a friend – the map does say he lives in Varina. I wonder if he plays the banjo…

Ok, our guy is done with him at this point. Simple, slightly snarky yes, but not too mean response letting Tom know they are no longer interested:

If you can’t give prices, I’m not interested. Good luck selling your old, used parts.


And, our guy thought that was the end. But no. Tom had to get in the last word and prove that not only is he an awesome salesman, but that he is an enormous asshole as well. He sent back (in extra large font, even):

I’ve had good luck, thank you, especially when idiots like you don’t waste my time.

Yes. He called our guy an idiot. Our guy who speaks in complete sentences. Our guy who provided a properly formatted list. Our guy who was interested in buying Tom’s RV parts, had Tom been able to figure out how to make a sale on this here newfangled internets emails thing. Our guy couldn’t leave it alone. He is someone we know, afterall…

You see, this is why I should know better than to deal with people on craigslist. You are the bottom of the barrel, who cannot complete a simple transaction without calling someone names. It saddens me to know we are part of the same species, I hope your branch soon becomes extinct.

You know Tom had to respond to that one.

So why do you deal with people on C/L. I wasn’t calling you names. It seems as though “idiot” is a way of life to you.

More, please:

Wow. You just keep showing what a great example of our species you are. Please, Tom, continue to enlighten me with your intelligent ways from… Varina, isn’t it?

They didn’t here from him for a bit, so more research was done…

Oh, come on. You don’t even want to make some witty statement about how your Alpacas are smarter than me?

Unfortunately, the only wit they received from dear ‘ol Tom was:

I didn’t figure I’d have to comment about since it is a given.

So, he was pushed a little further, and told about this post.

Well, Tom. This “idiot” knows three things.
1) Don’t pick a silly fight for no reason, and insult someone who you do not know who they are.
2) When someone is completely rude to you, it is always better to have fun with it than it is to get angry.
3) Being completely disrespectful to someone using information that allows you to be tracked, is not smart.

Congratulations, I have passed along your wonderful sentiments to someone who knows what to do with them. You, and your business, are now forever immortalized.

To, however, did not seem to care.

Well that’s the most intelligent thing you have said since we have been communicating. WELL DONE!!!

They thought he might actually turn out to be a fun guy, after his response to

And yet, even with your new web presence, you still keep going. Come on, give me more fodder to pass along. Show the world why you and your business should just go away.

Was simply:


The response:

I can make big text too.

That’s when Tom responded, reminding out friends that he was indeed not fun, and was still an asshole.

Don’t you have anything better to do than to act like an adolescent idiot?

So far, their response, below, goes unanswered.

You are responding, you are doing the same thing. Therefore, I could ask the same thing of you. Your limited vocabulary is also saddening. “Idiot” seems to be your only quip.

Here’s Tom’s Craigslist ad, in case you would like to see it.

tom's craigslist ad

tom’s craigslist ad

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