Robert Johnson & 6th Street Sales-Whol & Retail

On the internet, it’s pretty common to see trolls. What makes things fun, is when the troll, gets trolled. This was the case for Robert Johnson’s comments on a review for 6th Street Sales in Daytona Beach, Florida. Apparently, his family owns the store, and this is how he thought a negative review should be handled.

6th Street Sales & Robert Johnson

At this point, other Facebook users chimed in and started giving Robert Johnson a piece of their mind. We’re assuming this brought enough attention, that his parents saw what he said. His insightful comment was removed, along with the conversation above – so, we didn’t have a chance to screenshot the rest or get the link to Robert Johnson’s Facebook page. But, hey, what’s there is still good for a laugh! It’s not often you see a response to a review that starts off with “Then eat shit bitch”.

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